CGWALLET is a multi-currency digital wallet which can store all kinds of currencies includes Fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, etc... and cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, CGM, etc...

Its features:

  • High security: Your wallet for cryptocurrenies is cold wallet system. Each cryptocurrency is hosted in a secured server which configured for hiding with the internet and not always online until it received demands from users through the multi-currency wallet interface with encrypted protocols.
  • Easy deposit - Easy transfer/send money - Easy pay - Easy withdraw.
  • No fee for deposit money or maintain your wallet. You only bear 0.1% fee when transfer/send money to other people or withdraw money from your wallet.
  • Multiple interfaces: You can easy access your wallet at anywhere from the web or using our android/iOS app.
  • Multiple currencies: We always continue adding new Fiat currencies and new cryptocurrencies to your multi-currency wallet. In the near future, you will have an only wallet for hundreds of Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • Easy exchange currency at anywhere, anytime: Your multi-currency wallet is integrated with CGEXCHANGE - a mix-exchange platform (P2P) which support you to exchange currency with other people who also using CGWALLET.
  • Easy request payment and pay: Your multi-currency wallet is integrated with CGPAY is a multi-currency paygate (payment gateway) for processing online payments by Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. CGPAY has full invoicing modules, API and e-Commerce plugins like PayPal which can support you to easily request payments from other people with any currency supported by CGWALLET. Also, you can easily pay instantly any invoices created by any merchant who also using CGPAY from their website, payment link (URL), payment email, or QR code.
  • Especially, CGEXCHANGE is also intergrate with CGPAY to exchange currency for you instantly during your payment with the lowest exchange rate from the market.
  • Wide ecosystem: ClickGem ecosystem is always developing and never stop expanding to every corner of the world. From e-commerce to local stores, from business to entertainment, etc... to provide you with the most flexible, convenient and freedom payment solutions. Let forget the troubles with cash, credit card, Fiat currency exchange, and cross-border payment!