Hello everyone,

We have just launched ClickGem Gift Shop - the first eCommerce website used ClickGem Payment Gateway - at URL https://gift.clickgem.com

This website sells everything by CGM. Don’t have CGM? No problem! You can pay using another currency like USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, etc… ClickGem PayGate will exchange currency for you automatically with another counterparty on ClickGem P2P currency exchange market, with the lowest exchange rate!

In the next few days, we will continue to update more gift products which are producing by the cooperation between ClickGem and other gift brands.


Rebrand Program is a viral marketing program with a lot of bounties to every people who joined in: Let’s experience a breakthrough solution of ClickGem for cross-border payment processing with the combination of a multi-currency digital wallet platform, a mixed P2P currency exchange platform, a new payment gateway platform, and APIs all in one comprehensive system. Participate and join the movement through our mini-game: Rebrand your personal gadgets with ClickGem logo stickers, take pictures then share on social media to earn rewards from us!

This idea is to create a mini-game which encourages people to try the ClickGem payment system and create a trend to promote the ClickGem brand and its community!

More information about Rebrand Program: https://gift.clickgem.com/promotion/rebrand-program/