Hello everyone,

Sorry for the late update!

Unfortunately, our ClickGem project has stopped at semifinals because judges are only looking for strange ideas for the blockchain industry to enter finals. Although our business idea is evaluated good, we are not a strange idea!

As the official information from the ICORace organizer, they received total applications from 149 ICO projects from different countries, 15 ICO projects reached to the finals directly, and our ClickGem project has competed with other 133 ICO project to reach the semifinals (only 23 ICO projects from 134 ICO projects can reach semifinals).

With this result, we are still the winner! And the ICORace is a good chance to compare our project with other recent ICO projects, showed that we are a good project, all evaluations have come from professional people in Blockchain industry!

The detail points and ranks of ICO projects in the semifinals and the finals maybe published after the event!

With the Crypto Dinner program and the last day of ICORace, our advisor Mr. Fabrizio will spend his time for networking, build the relationship with other potential investors and partners, invite them to join our private sales (7,000,000 CGM) and our ICO (5,000,000 CGM) in this month!