[UPDATES] FEB-14, 2019

Hello all,

We are sorry for the late update! The maintenance progress was taken longer time than our estimate, however, many things were improved... Together with the delay in maintenance is a long holiday in Vietnam for welcome Traditional Lunar New Year so our technicians have just come back work from yesterday! Here are some of our new updates:

1. CGCASINO bounty programs: We have just paid for the last weekly bounty program of January. We are sorry for the delay because we can't pay when our wallet system was in maintenance. About the monthly bounty program at TRX/EOS/DFS game servers, all leaderboard winners had been detected as the cheater before that so we have no leaderboard winner for January. Currently, we temporarily pause the weekly and monthly bounty programs for upgrading the system and build new marketing plans. We will continue to update when have new plans for the bounty program.

2. ClickGem partnership program is continue expanding. We are updating our wallet system to continue adding popular coins and adding coins from our new partners to the ClickGem ecosystem (include CGCASINO).

3. We are also updating CGEXCHANGE with OKNodes API. After that, all exchange orders in CGEXCHANGE can be matched with exchange orders in OKex.com, it will upgrade our system to a new level, expand the liquidity of currency exchange in CGEXCHANGE and CGPAY.

4. Realized that the ClickGem project cannot grow strong with our current limited budget, we decided to organize the ClickGem ICO earlier than our old plan, in March/April 2019. All new information about the project, new roadmap, and new pitch deck have been updated on the website www.clickgem.com, please check them out. We will continue to discuss with Liquid and LAtoken about terms, conditions and how much they can support us to decide the public exchange for organizing our ICO. The detail ICO plan will be notified when we have an official decision!

5. We are preparing to welcome a new team member who is working as a manager of a very big exchange. He will join our project as a Business Developer (BD) for helping us connect and partnership with his company, crypto funds and business partners. We are currently working with him about terms and conditions. We will update more information when he joined officially.