ClickGem has over 2 hours meeting with QUOINE to discuss then signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) about ClickGem ICO.

As planned, ClickGem Project will run ICO (private sale & public sale) then listing on qryptos.com (ranked #50-60 on CoinMarketCap, part of QUOINE - a top Japanese exchange which fully licensed from the government). We are also guaranteed for listing on liquid.com after ICO. Liquid.com is a new exchange platform of QUOINE with many new technologies and many new mechanisms for exchange cryptocurrency with cryptocurrency or exchange cryptocurrency with fiat currency, etc... Liquid.com is also an important strategy of QUOINE to become a number one exchange on the world for the cryptocurrency.

MOU between ClickGem & QUOINE: https://www.clickgem.com/uploads/news/QUOINE-ClickGem-MOU.pdf

As discussed in the meeting with QUOINE:

1. July-August is the big summer holiday in many Europe countries, it is also an unlucky time in the culture of China and some Asia countries (know as lunar July - a month of Hungry Ghost Festival) so this is not a good time for fundraising so we decided to postpone ClickGem ICO timeline, new timeline:
- Private sale: 6th Sep - 17th Oct
- Public sale: 18th Oct - 22nd Dec
(*) This ICO timeline is only estimated because we still need to complete some conditions from QUOINE (to ensure ClickGem ICO will succeed), so it may take a longer time then continue postponing our ICO timeline. Please keep tracking updates here: https://www.clickgem.com/ico.html

2. To ensure the stability of ClickGem cryptocurrency on the public exchange. Only CGMT will be listed on the public exchange instead of listing both of CGMT and CGM on the public exchange as we planned from the beginning. However, both of CGMT and CGM are still having a fixed swapping rate and fully supported in ClickGem ecosystem!

3. ClickGem is introduced to some startups incubators to get supports and strategy advisories for ClickGem ICO.