Designed with the invoicing system, the payment mechanism, and integration API like PayPal - a very famous and popular Paygate (payment gateway) for cross-border payment, ClickGem is a new Paygate but it is really close and familiar with almost merchants who having an e-commerce website, a B2B, or a B2C website, etc... This is a friendly solution to support all merchants who are currently using PayPal or similar Paygate to change easily to use ClickGem PayGate as a replaced method for receiving cross-border payments.

Not only that, ClickGem Paygate also has other advanced features which are not supported by PayPal or other similar Paygate:

  • Low fees: We only charge 0.1% per transaction. You can comfortably designate your buyer or yourself as the bearer of this fee or simply share this fee with your buyers. Anyway, this fee is much lower than PayPal and other similar Paygate.
  • Supports multiple currencies: Our Paygate is integrated and supports all major Fiat currencies and popular cryptocurrencies in ClickGem multi-currency wallet. We always continue adding new Fiat currencies and new cryptocurrencies. You can request cross-border payment by any currency you want, not depend on what country you are in.
  • Easy request cross-border payments at anytime, at anywhere: Our Paygate supports multiple interfaces, you can easy access ClickGem invoicing system from the web or our android/iOS app. Or you can integrate your website with ClickGem Paygate and your ClickGem multi-currency wallet using ClickGem APIs or our builded e-commerce plugins to request and receive cross-border payments automatically.
  • More buyers (from every corner of the world) with the feature which supports to exchange currency for buyers instantly during payment progress: Although you have designated a fixed currency for all goods you are selling, buyers still can pay with any currency they having in their ClickGem multi-currency wallet. Our Paygate is integrated with ClickGem mix-exchange platform for exchange currency for buyers instantly when they pay with a different currency and always select the lowest exchange rate from the market for buyers. This solution supports you to always receive payments with currency you want to receive while buyers can pay with any currency they are having, it will bring more buyers to you from every corner of the world.
  • More buyers are cryptocurrency holders: Along with Fiat currencies, our Paygate also supports buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies while you still receiving their payment by Fiat currencies (after exchanged by our Paygate through ClickGem mix-exchange platform). Of course, you still can designate to receive payments by cryptocurrencies if you want. As you know, currently having a lot of people from every corner of the world are holding cryptocurrencies as an asset or a commodity for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange, our Paygate will support them to use those cryptocurrencies for buying your goods.


The ClickGem Project is a new groundbreaking and frictionless payment system. Our aim is creating a cross-border payment solution solves all the issues of current payment methods, that will surpass all other payment systems, including PayPal, Visa, etc… And help purchases easier, simpler, instantly with minimal cost.

We are the pioneers in developing a new payment gateway (paygate) which can support the pay-and-receive payment process with multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies, support exchanging currency instantly with the lowest exchange rate from the market and just 0.1% transaction fee.

The ClickGem Project is designed as an open platform to facilitate the process of purchases by integrating and supporting transactions between most major fiat currencies and all cryptocurrencies through APIs. Minor fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies will be continually added in the future.

The team is continuously developing new APIs for the platform, f.ex. to integrate ClickGem exchange system with other external exchanges to optimize liquidity when exchanging currencies for the payment, apart from the already existing API which allows for integration with all today's e-commerce platforms, all B2B/B2C platforms, all applications for accepting payments online, and any software for collecting payments at local stores, supermarkets, etc...

With this idea, ClickGem can collaborate with all kinds of businesses, all service providers to build ClickGem’s ecosystem and its network to any place, access all markets in the world. This is how ClickGem will grow very fast and its scalability is unlimited.


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The other convenience and usefulness of this payment solution:

  • Entrepreneur: Offers you access to the most convenient method payment when it comes to making payments regarding business expenses, including wages, paying suppliers, purchasing goods and services...all over the world, within minutes, with an extremely low fee, and free you from all complicated banking procedures and red tape. 99.99% of entrepreneurs can use ClickGem, and all related apps, to reach even more customers across the world. A great challenge that any business has to face is the ability to expand your business globally. ClickGem, to some extent, can help leverage your business growth by provide you and your customers with the most time saving and cost saving money transaction method. In some developing countries, where the banking and financial system, cannot meet their clients’ demand and even trigger numerous problems for their customers, ClickGem is an ideal solution. Being a smart business-owner, do not let any trivial thing be a barrier to your success.
  • Online businesses and retails stores: You can boost your sales and speed up your business growth thanks to ClickGem and our related apps on smartphones. You, and your customers, couldn’t ask for more. From this moment, the most advanced yet simple method is in the palm of your hand. By integrating ClickGem and the apps, on your online business and retailing stores, you can absolutely improve your chances of doing international business, multinational business right now.
  • Powerful APIs for payouts automation: If you’re looking to automate your payouts, the ClickGem APIs is just what you need. Our system will provide you with APIs that you can integrate to your website or software to connect with your customers, your suppliers and even your employees.This would make it convenient for you to create invoices or make any payment with those people, automatically.
  • Checkout for merchants: ClickGem enables you to start receiving payments on your own website.
  • No more cash: There is no more limit to carrying foreign exchange to anywhere you go with ClickGem. No more worrying about exchange rate fees that you may be charged, or other expenses related to money exchange. Therefore, save your time, money, and feel more secure.
  • Other daily money transaction: With ClickGem, within minutes you can access your money transferred from anyone, anywhere, on this planet. Faster, simpler, safer yet cheaper.


In order to promote ClickGem to become a popular system, the ClickGem Project will create an ecosystem of applications which use the ClickGem Paygate

  • Business Apps: B2B, B2C, Accept payment online
  • Banking Apps: Money transfer, saving program
  • Entertainment Apps: Lotto, Sports betting, Web games (Poker, other card games, etc…)
  • Utility/Service Apps: Transport booking, Hotel booking, etc…
  • Mobile App: With your smartphone, you just need to download the ClickGem mobile apps, and then you can start transferring money and making any payment with your clients, your partners, your suppliers... By using the ClickGem apps, there’s no need to fill out tons of annoying forms which is oppressively complex and time-consuming and may result in delays in getting business done.
  • Debit Card: Using the Debit Card of ClickGem is the simplest and most convenient way to make your payments, and otherwise conduct any money transaction. We, with our partners, will provide you with a Debit Card that you can use anywhere, at any time, all over the world. You can also use it to withdraw or transfer money via an ATM machine.

To know better about how ClickGem payment system work, please watch our presentation in below: