We are glad to announce that we have formed a strategic partnership with AlcedoPlatform (ALCEDO) to drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

ALCEDO is creating an ecosystem that implements blockchain technologies into everyday life. It makes cryptocurrencies accessible and usable for everybody around the world.

ALCEDO is aiming at a widespread acceptance of ALCEDO cryptocurrency (ALCE) and other cryptocurrencies by building a network of ALCEDO-Points as a franchising system which supports people to buy, sell and exchange currencies with the help of professional consultants. Each ALCEDO-Point is also installed CRYPTO-ATM and supports to answer all questions in regards to cryptocurrencies...

Currently, many ALCEDO-Points have been set up around Germany. ALCEDO starts to implement its plans to support and cooperate with projects of solid and growing communities. And ALCEDO decided to collaborate with the ClickGem Project to strengthen its power and expand to other countries.

This partnership opens the door for ClickGem to be included in all of ALCEDO's products, including ATMs, POS terminals and local exchanges. And ALCE cryptocurrency has also integrated into ClickGem multi-currency wallet (CGWALLET), people can use ALCE as a currency directly in ClickGem ecosystem with featured applications/services such as CGEXCHANGE, CGPAY, CGCASINO, CGLOTTO, etc....

"We, ClickGem Project, with the mission to build a complex ecosystem for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, from that clear the border and clear the difference between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in the real-life payment, also well aware that cooperation with ALCEDO will strengthen ClickGem's ecosystem and get closer to our goals", said ClickGem CEO Hai Nguyen.

You can find more information about ALCEDO by visiting https://www.alcedoplatform.com

Press release from ALCEDO: https://medium.com/@CoinAlcedo/alcedo-click-gem-partnership-announcement-9179be05e3c1