Hello ClickGem users,

We have just updated our SmartContract with more features to prepare for the new IEO & listing plan.

Since a year ago, we have worked with many public exchanges for IEO & listing ClickGem token, but many of them don't want to list our current token CGMT or its previous version CGM. The reason for the rejection is because:

Too many people are owning free CGM from mined it easily, they had mined over 35% total supply after only a year because our first cryptocurrency technology was outdated with the rapid growth of the mining technology. So, when we created Ethereum ERC-20 version of CGM, called CGMT, for listing on exchanges which only list ERC-20, those people also swap from CGM into CGMT, then own a lot of free CGMT. That is also a big gap in our swap policy at that time...

That reason makes the exchange afraid it will make our token price dumped immediately and over control after listing, it will affect the real investors who spent money to buy CGMT, and also affect the reputation of their exchanges. This is the main reason, not because we have not enough money, or not because we have not enough credibility for listing our token... as predicted by some people in the Telegram community. After 2 years, everyone can see we invested a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of effort, and really serious to develop project then launch many products as promised in the roadmap. We also feel regret when many people leave our community because they have not enough patience and can not wait until we listed our token officially on the public exchanges.

To solve this problem, we met and discuss with many exchanges to find a general solution for listing CGMT, and with their advice, we decide to update our SmartContract and release a new token called CGMT v2 (ClickGem Token version 2) with "transfer & lock" function, and a tight swap policy for reallocating token holders, but still protect benefits of real investors. After that, we can IEO and list our new token on the public exchange.

Old SmartContract's address (CGMT): 0xf024628c7bf1ffec7ca184026cd0764ac11ba22f

New SmartContract's address (CGMT v2): 0x84f43821c73da781a7c440c3ca1a50e1013f7219

New swap policy:
- As the new IEO & listing plan, token price for the first IEO session will be: 0.001 USD per 1 CGMT v2.
- Most of ClickGem users can swap their CGM/CGMT to CGMT v2 with swap rate: 16 CGMT v2 (0.016 USD) per 1 CGM, or 0.0016 CGMT v2 (0.0000016 USD) per 1 CGMT. Their new token will be locked for 6 months after swapped.
- Only our first ICO investors can swap with the beneficial swap rate: 4000 CGMT v2 (4 USD) per CGM or 2.5 CGMT v2 (0.0025 USD) per CGMT for the amount of CGM they bought from our first ICO. Their new token will be also locked for 6 months after swapped.
- Team & Advisors 's new tokens are only allocated at 15% total supply and they will be also locked for 12 months.
- Please use the swap module at your CGWallet for swapping CGM/CGMT to CGMT v2.

- We will only IEO & list CGMT v2 on the public exchange;
- CGM, CGMT are still supported in our ecosystem until 100% people swapped them to CGMT v2.

Thanks and best regards,