Our previous ICO organized on this website (during Feb 11th, 2018 until March 12th, 2018) was not succeeded because of some objective reasons:
- ICO's launched time is too early (our website has just opened from January 2018 and we haven't enough time to run marketing programs, expand community and publish detail information within a month). Also, at that time, we only have whitepaper and our products (applications) are not completed yet.
- Bad time for ICO: The downward trend of the major cryptocurrencies at all markets; The failure of BitConnect and many other lending projects; The confidence of investors in ICO projects dropped due to the appearance of many scam/ponzi projects, etc...)
- We don't have much experience, good consultation, and good preparation to start an ICO project. However, until this time, we really learned a lot from those lessons.

To not disappoint investors and have more resources for project development, we decided to ICO again on a public exchange on this June & July.

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Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The ICO is a way to raise funds for ClickGem Project. The funds raised during this period will be used for building and developing our core Team, the Ecosystem for our apps, and running marketing campaigns, such that ClickGem’s brand awareness and reputation can be successfully built.

For investors, this is a great opportunity to get the privilege of being business co- founders. Our management team has commited to follow the roadmap to increase the value of ClickGem and promote it to be the leading cryptocurrency in the global market. The sooner investors buy ClickGem, the higher the earning potentials they will gain, both in the short term and long term. In the short term, the price would increase rapidly right after the ICO. You could earn money through Trading or Mining programs.

There are several ways to earn profit with ClickGem. Buying ICO coins at the best price enables you to optimize your investment. Therefore, you should not miss any of the latest information about the ICO calendar, so that you can be among the first individuals who could buy the coin at the best possible price.

Our new capital mobilization plan:

Soft Cap: 10,000 CGM; Hard Cap: 12,000,000 CGM

Private sale: 7,000,000 CGM with price $2 per CGM (need invitation URL to access)

  • Total sold: 0 CGM
  • Total fund raised in USD: 0 USD
  • Total fund raised in BTC: 0 CGM

ICO on an public exchange: 5,000,000 CGM with price $ 3.78 per CGM

  • Total sold: 0 CGM
  • Total fund raised in USD: 0 USD
  • Total fund raised in BTC: 0 CGM

Coin Distribution (CGM)

Detail Plan To Allocate Funding

A/ Project development: 50% of the total raised budget
We need to create a lot of applications which can combine each other to become the ecosystem of ClickGem Project as mentioned in our roadmap in a short time to avoid other companies copy our ideas, complete it before us and avoid competition issues. Also, by this way, we can collect more fees from users who use our services... Funding sources will be used for:
1. Human resources: we need to recruit more and more professional programmers. We can do this through headhunting companies. We also need other positions for customer supporters, hardware administrators, server administrators, graphic designers, creative department (R&D), marketing managers, advertising managers, etc... We also need to train them.
2. Security improves: We know that security is the most important issue of an IT system! Currently, our technician is using multiple security layers and trying to hide of IP of our main server from the eye of hackers. All requests from users will be encrypted by MD5 and SHA256 and sent to our server through different proxy servers. Also, our core wallets for each cryptocurrency also maintain in multiple different servers which disabled all public ports and enabled the firewall on both server and router. Our main server for the website also has firewalls enabled. Of course, although blockchain technology has itself security and our team do all ways for security, this still may not enough, we will cooperate with other big IT security companies who are really professional in this field when we got more investments. We got many contacts of IT security companies from blockchain events which we have attended!
3. Hardware: we need to have more servers or even need to build a datacenter which can support for big systems and huge amounts of users. We also need more mining machines to support cryptocurrency transactions in our system faster and get back fees for miners...
4. Technology researching, buying, cooperating: Research new technologies is very important. In case what things we can't research and create, we will go to buy. And we will need to cooperate with other IT companies/organizations to have the latest technology or improve our current technology.
5. Listing our cryptocurrency to other public exchanges and CoinMarketCap: we need money to list our cryptocurrency to all biggest exchanges then CoinMarketCap. We also need money to boost trading activities of our cryptocurrency on those exchanges... Our cryptocurrency is like the public stock, it will help us to raise more fund for our project, it is also like our goods which will create more profits for us!

B/ Building community of users: 30% of the total raised budget
A great system is not enough, we need to make our system become popular, we need a huge community of users!
1. Advertising, Marketing & PR: We need to have a big budget for this. We will need to rent professional agencies to help us! We also need to have ourselves department to manage it.
2. Join exhibitor, sponsoring, or even organize ourselves blockchain events: This will improve the picture of our project, make our project become famous and popular!
3. Open representative offices in multiple different countries to support local users: This will increase our scale to become a global company!
4. Building the relationship and cooperate with other blockchain projects: this will help us expand community easily because other blockchain projects also have themselves communities!

C/ Administrative & Law: 10% of the total raised budget
We need to have a legal department that is a team of professional lawyers who can help us break through legal barriers, avoid litigations, unnecessary disputes and protect Our intellectual property.

D/ Reserve funds: 10% of the total raised budget
We need a reserve fund to handle and solve unexpected and serious situations which can affect our project!

Previous ICO Results (Until March-13 2018)

Total funds raised: 68,595.1654 USD and 0.09685154 BTC ; Total CGM sold: 170,254.3868 CGM

Investors List

InvestorPaid amountPaid currencyPurchased CGMsPurchased time
Raviente600USD200011/02/2018 01:00
nyrsell600USD200011/02/2018 01:00
xiaochen99600USD200011/02/2018 01:00
TiiGwaD99.9USD33311/02/2018 01:00
qingyazeng420USD140011/02/2018 01:00
shon224100USD333.33311/02/2018 01:00
johtric99.99USD333.311/02/2018 01:00
bto18408300USD100011/02/2018 01:01
bitcoinbob33USD11011/02/2018 01:01
Panic5309USD103011/02/2018 01:01
ozzyyy1905184.8USD61611/02/2018 01:02
bitcoinbob60USD20011/02/2018 01:02
Panic50.9USD311/02/2018 01:03
bitcoinbob18.9USD6311/02/2018 01:03
Wendy224195USD65011/02/2018 01:05
xiaochen999600USD200011/02/2018 01:15
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 02:00
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 02:02
[email protected]599.962USD1999.8711/02/2018 02:02
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 02:06
kyy.0714600USD200011/02/2018 02:07
[email protected]599.64USD1998.811/02/2018 02:08
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 02:13
[email protected]480USD160011/02/2018 02:13
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 02:21
[email protected]199.8USD66611/02/2018 02:22
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 02:22
marconguyen014150USD50011/02/2018 02:24
fer23q600USD200011/02/2018 02:29
xiaochen99999494.4USD164811/02/2018 02:40
zekertkot600USD200011/02/2018 03:03
satoman600USD200011/02/2018 03:04
khoainguyenhy600USD200011/02/2018 03:20
[email protected]244USD813.33311/02/2018 03:26
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 03:30
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 03:30
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 03:30
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 03:32
take4yanagi99.9USD33311/02/2018 03:53
patosofty199.8USD66611/02/2018 04:20
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 04:42
pckoliq99.99USD333.311/02/2018 04:54
Smasher209.1USD69711/02/2018 06:12
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 06:31
[email protected]599.7USD199911/02/2018 06:40
[email protected]569.394USD1897.9811/02/2018 06:42
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 06:45
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 06:54
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 07:04
[email protected]400USD1333.3311/02/2018 07:50
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 12:36
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 12:52
[email protected]569.7USD189911/02/2018 13:27
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 13:34
[email protected]569.7USD189911/02/2018 13:40
[email protected]569.394USD1897.9811/02/2018 13:43
fer23q600USD200011/02/2018 13:49
youloveapollo305.7USD101911/02/2018 14:00
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 14:02
[email protected]543USD181011/02/2018 14:16
Nathalym504USD168011/02/2018 14:32
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 14:50
patosofty30USD10011/02/2018 14:50
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 14:56
[email protected]552USD184011/02/2018 15:06
MickyBalda9199.9USD33311/02/2018 15:07
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 15:12
patosofty300USD100011/02/2018 15:18
patosofty68.7USD22911/02/2018 15:25
[email protected]600USD200011/02/2018 15:31
tranthichinh300USD100011/02/2018 17:54
haitest3155.637USD518.7912/02/2018 00:11
patosofty84USD20012/02/2018 01:00
patosofty42USD10012/02/2018 01:03
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 01:18
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 01:23
fer23q840USD200012/02/2018 01:26
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 01:28
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 01:50
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 01:52
[email protected]796.74USD189712/02/2018 01:52
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 01:53
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 01:55
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 01:59
[email protected]797.152USD1897.9812/02/2018 02:01
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 02:06
[email protected]840USD200012/02/2018 02:07
[email protected]420USD100012/02/2018 02:09
kyy.0714699.84USD129613/02/2018 01:00
patosofty216USD40013/02/2018 01:05
[email protected]1024.87USD1897.913/02/2018 01:06
[email protected]1080USD200013/02/2018 01:08
patosofty9.18USD1713/02/2018 01:11
[email protected]1080USD200013/02/2018 01:11
[email protected]21.6USD4013/02/2018 01:12
[email protected]1047.6USD194013/02/2018 01:13
[email protected]302.4USD56013/02/2018 01:14
[email protected]777.6USD144013/02/2018 01:14
[email protected]59.94USD11113/02/2018 01:16
[email protected]1080USD200013/02/2018 01:19
[email protected]846.72USD156813/02/2018 01:24
[email protected]1080USD200013/02/2018 01:27
[email protected]1080USD200013/02/2018 01:37
Raviente1080USD200013/02/2018 01:54
insaneleet198USD30014/02/2018 01:00
magsubba135.439USD205.2114/02/2018 01:00
PerseusAusKitium234USD354.54514/02/2018 01:01
insaneleet1.98USD314/02/2018 01:01
magsubba46.0482USD69.7714/02/2018 01:02
magsubba15.6552USD23.7214/02/2018 01:03
magsubba5.3262USD8.0714/02/2018 01:03
magsubba1.8084USD2.7414/02/2018 01:04
magsubba0.6138USD0.9314/02/2018 01:04
magsubba0.2112USD0.3214/02/2018 01:05
magsubba0.0726USD0.1114/02/2018 01:05
magsubba0.0264USD0.0414/02/2018 01:06
magsubba0.0066USD0.0114/02/2018 01:06
hiropy299.64USD45414/02/2018 01:07
patosofty1320USD200014/02/2018 01:07
[email protected]1252.67USD1897.9814/02/2018 01:10
zekertkot1560USD200015/02/2018 01:00
satoman1560USD200015/02/2018 01:00
patosofty218.4USD28015/02/2018 01:02
patosofty36.66USD4715/02/2018 01:03
patosofty23.4USD3015/02/2018 01:04
patosofty1.56USD215/02/2018 01:05
patosofty170.04USD21815/02/2018 02:07
EmadHakim90USD10016/02/2018 05:34
satoman1800USD200016/02/2018 10:47
zekertkot1800USD200016/02/2018 10:49
yutayan298.8USD33216/02/2018 14:37
Panic50.09USD0.117/02/2018 02:02
satoman1039.5USD115517/02/2018 05:51
zekertkot1090USD1211.1117/02/2018 05:53
hasanbirinci100.8USD11217/02/2018 21:12
Woodygema99.18USD8718/02/2018 23:18
anthony99.9894USD87.7119/02/2018 00:36
Kryptophi99.54USD7919/02/2018 18:21
DemiGod199.08USD15819/02/2018 20:29
dreamvision202097.5USD6521/02/2018 18:44
dreamvision2020151.5USD10121/02/2018 19:35
vendonapraia98.82USD6122/02/2018 13:02
nnecirvann4.872USD2.823/02/2018 12:32
MasterLe0.00001396BTC0.078116124/02/2018 03:58
MasterLe0.0177954BTC10024/02/2018 04:52
kaharnebo9990.00000085BTC0.0044329724/02/2018 17:46
MasterLe0.0191422BTC10024/02/2018 18:36
MasterLe0.00958175BTC5024/02/2018 18:37
MasterLe0.0154621BTC8024/02/2018 18:40
nnecirvann0.1674USD0.0924/02/2018 18:52
MasterLe0.0115622BTC59.921924/02/2018 18:52
heru19910.00000262BTC0.013464124/02/2018 20:04
heru19910.00000263BTC0.013464124/02/2018 20:08
patosofty124.62USD6724/02/2018 20:23
MasterLe0.00449816BTC2225/02/2018 23:02
kaharnebo9990.00000091BTC0.0044321226/02/2018 14:51
patosofty318.6USD11803/03/2018 01:16
Arfiati0.00588486BTC2305/03/2018 11:25
kaharnebo9990.00416963BTC1407/03/2018 15:09
Pang5010.00337038BTC10.208/03/2018 10:43
JesusBaby0.00201494BTC511/03/2018 00:05
patosofty0.00334895BTC812/03/2018 21:47

Previous ICO Schedule

Round Round Type Date Quantity Price
1st Pre-sales February-11 2018 200.000 $ 0.30
2nd Pre-sales February-12 2018 200.000 $ 0.42
3rd Pre-sales February-13 2018 200.000 $ 0.54
4th Pre-sales February-14 2018 200.000 $ 0.66
5th Pre-sales February-15 2018 200.000 $ 0.78
6th ICO February-16 2018 200.000 $ 0.90
7th ICO February-17 2018 200.000 $ 1.02
8th ICO February-18 2018 200.000 $ 1.14
9th ICO February-19 2018 200.000 $ 1.26
10th ICO February-20 2018 200.000 $ 1.38
11th ICO February-21 2018 200.000 $ 1.50
12th ICO February-22 2018 200.000 $ 1.62
13th ICO February-23 2018 200.000 $ 1.74
14th ICO February-24 2018 200.000 $ 1.86
15th ICO February-25 2018 200.000 $ 1.98
16th ICO February-26 2018 200.000 $ 2.10
17th ICO February-27 2018 200.000 $ 2.22
18th ICO February-28 2018 200.000 $ 2.34
19th ICO March-01 2018 200.000 $ 2.46
20th ICO March-02 2018 200.000 $ 2.58
21th ICO March-03 2018 200.000 $ 2.70
22th ICO March-04 2018 200.000 $ 2.82
23th ICO March-05 2018 200.000 $ 2.94
24th ICO March-06 2018 200.000 $ 3.06
25th ICO March-07 2018 200.000 $ 3.18
26th ICO March-08 2018 200.000 $ 3.30
27th ICO March-09 2018 200.000 $ 3.42
28th ICO March-10 2018 200.000 $ 3.54
29th ICO March-11 2018 200.000 $ 3.66
30th ICO March-12 2018 200.000 $ 3.78
** In Pre-sales time, we only sell limit amount of CGM to each user!