We called our exchange (trading floor) is mix-exchange because it is the combination of a cryptocurrency exchange with a Fiat currency exchange (traditional currency exchange / Forex).
Our mixed exchange platform designed for people who have real needs with currency exchange so it is simpler than other cryptocurrency exchange and other fiat exchange, however, it still have enough powerful features to support people for exchanging cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, fiat currency to fiat currency, and cross-exchanging fiat currency to cryptocurrency (and vice versa).

Its features:

  • Low fees: 0.1% exchange fee, 0% withdrawal fee.
  • Auto-trade with any exchange order which have the same or lower exchange rates.
  • Easy trade - Easy exchange currency.
  • Multiple interfaces: You can easy access our currency exchange at anywhere, at anytime from the web, or our android/iOS app.
  • Supports all major fiat currencies and all popular cryptocurrency: Our exchange platform is integrate and supports all currencies of ClickGem multi-currency wallet. Not only that, we always continue adding new Fiat currencies and new cryptocurrencies to the wallet and the exchange.
  • High liquidity: our mix-exchange is closely integrate with ClickGem Paygate to exchange currency for people paying invoices through this Paygate. When any person paying an invoice with a different currency through ClickGem Paygate, it will create an exchange order instantly and auto-trade with exchange orders which listed already on the exchange. Not only that, we are also developing APIs to integrate our exchange with other cryptocurrency exchanges and other Fiat exchanges to exchange the liquidity.

Our mix-exchange platform is always available to meet your trading needs!