1️. ClickGem's online gambling (eGaming) license application has been approved. CGCASINO can release officially in next 20-30 days!!!
2️. EOS and TRX game servers have just been added. Both of these cryptocurrencies have a lot of big gambling communities. Let go to invite them to join play our P2P Poker with EOS and TRX instead boring betting games!
3️. We are continuing to develop more advanced features such as airdrop, find/add friends, challenge, challenge scheduling, public/private table, etc... to make the game really become gambling 4.0
4️. From now, all activities like using multiple clone accounts to play yourself for cheating the leaderboard will be recorded. If we detected anyone trying to do that, all their clone accounts will be locked permanently and are not able to withdraw money inside.
5️. The monthly leaderboard reward program is now starting at DFS game server: We and our partners will pay additional rewards to the top 10 winners of the month, on every first day of next month! 😍


🏆 Top 1: 2.5 ETH + 100 CGM + 30000 DFS 💰
🏆 Top 2-5: 20 CGM + 6000 DFS each person 💰
🏆 Top 6-10: 10 CGM + 3000 DFS each person 💰

⚠️ The leaderboard will be reset at every 0:00 am on the first day of month to give chances to every new player!
⚠️ During the competition to receive the rewards of the month, the players still have many opportunities to receive weekly encourage rewards (weekly leaderboard reward program)
⚠️ Parallel with the weekly leaderboard reward program, this program is also a continuous program every month. However, the bounty amount and game servers to organize both bounty programs of each month may be different.
⚠️ Our bounty programs are only small parts with the purpose of encouraging players, making the game more interesting. The main reward you will get is the amount of money you win from other players!
⚠️ You can also earn money by invite people to join play with ClickGem Affiliate Program!