By referring new members to buy into our ICO, join our saving program, exchange currencies on our trading floor, use our payment services, etc... you will get commissions based on the value that your referred members paid to our system. You can make money when your referral does any of the following:

  • Buy ICO: commissions from payment amount
  • Join saving program: commissions from interest that referred members earn
  • Exchanges or using payment services: commissions from transaction fees.

Therefore, the more members you refer, the more money you could earn.

Joining our advanced affiliate program, you are guaranteed to have full benefits, just like our sales representatives. This program was created to give you the best chance to earn the most money possible, starting with 5% commissions (for the first affiliate rank) and up to 10% commissions. By expanding your team and upgrading your affiliate rank, this is a terrific opportunity to earn a lifetime passive income while helping others to do the same.

The Affiliate program is a great way to expand the ClickGem community. Affiliate commissions are our rewards to contributors who help develop the ClickGem community. With all of the technology out there along with our Affiliate program, it is fully automated and their could not be a simpler way to earn money with the ClickGem affiliate program.

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ClickGem provides you with a number of tools for which you could make use of to build your own affiliate team:

  • A link to register new members
  • Provides you with a number of banners with professional design so that you could access your potential users and investors via your blog or website
  • Provides you with a landing page enables you to keep in touch with members who are still hesitatant to join the ClickGem community. For those who still have lingering questions about ClickGem , the automatic email marketing system will help you establish a closer relationship with your potential members.


  • Amber
    5 %
  • Quartz
    6 %
  • Emerald
    7 %
  • Sapphire
    8 %
  • Ruby
    9 %
  • Diamond
    10 %
Rank Commission Require Referrals Require Total Payment (Personal) Require Total Payment (Refferals)
Amber 5% 0 $ 0 $ 0
Quartz 6% 50 $ 1000 $ 25000
Emerald 7% 200 $ 4000 $ 100000
Sapphire 8% 500 $ 10000 $ 250000
Ruby 9% 1000 $ 20000 $ 500000
Diamond 10% 2000 $ 40000 $ 1000000
  • Many individuals who invested in Bitcoin several years ago have now become millionaires and many can achieve financial freedom.
  • Alter your way of thinking by investing in ClickGem to change your financial status.