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ClickGem is a new type of digital money created by blockchain technology called cryptocurrency that is going to change the way of global-payment in the future.

ClickGem system is peer-to-peer network. There is no server for this network and this network type does not stratify the priority of connected computers. Each computer (called "peer") has equal rights to work on the network and operates with both roles are server & client.

The transfer of ClickGem is convenient and easy. The money transfer can be occurred everywhere in the world within minutes, only require internet connection. Also, ClickGem’s transfer fee is much less than the transfer fee of banks or other money transfer services.

No bank teller or middleman are needed for processing transactions. ClickGem transactions are processed automatically base on confirmations of "peer" computers in the network.

The transaction of ClickGem is safe and anonymous. Wallet addresses (same as bank account number) and all transactions are only created, checked and stored inside blockchain which is encrypted with the most advanced technology and backed-up automatically to every "peer" computers in the network. New wallet address is created every few hours and old wallet address is hidden automatically, only wallet holder and person who dealing with that wallet address can know and check transactions to that wallet address.

You can keep or transfer ClickGem between different wallet platforms. Have two main version of ClickGem wallet are hosted web wallet and downloadable wallet (available for Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/iOS devices). When ClickGem is stored inside wallet which downloaded and stored in your computer, it is 100% owned and managed by you, even ClickGem founder & administrators can't manage it !

The quantity of ClickGem are limited only 30 million coins. Can be mined only by mining computers. Even ClickGem founder & administrators can't add more quantity when system start operated. Because this, ClickGem's value will increasing rapidly when have more and more people using it.